Harry Potter


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Supporting Cast

Matthew Lewis

"Neville Longbottom"

Philosopher's Stone - DH2


Bonnie Wright

"Ginny Weasley"

Philosopher's Stone - DH2


David Bradley

"Argus Filch"

PS - HBP & DH2


John Hurt


PS & DH: Part 1 & 2


Simon Fisher-Backer

"Fat Friar"

The Philosopher's Stone


Clémence Poésy

"Fleur Delacour"

GoF & DH: Part 1 & 2


Afshan Azad

"Padma Patil"

Goblet of Fire - DH: Part 2


David Tennant

"Barty Crouch Junior"

The Goblet of Fire


Natalia Tena

"Nymphadora Tonks"

Order of the Phoenix - DH2


Georgina Leonidas

"Katie Bell"

Half-Blood Prince - DH2


Domhnall Gleeson

"Bill Weasley"

Deathly Hallows: Part 1 & 2