Marvel Cinematic Universe


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Elizabeth, Paul & Anthony

"Wanda, Vision & Sam"

Avengers 3



Chris Hemsworth


Avengers 1-4 & Thor 1-4


Anthony Mackie

"Sam Wilson/Falcon"

Avengers 2-4 & CA 2-3


Elizabeth Olsen

"Wanda/Scarlet Witch"

Avengers 2-4 & CA 3


Paul Bettany


Avengers 1-3, Iron Man, CA 3


Karen Gillan


Avengers 3-4 & GotG 1-2



Hayley Atwell

"Peggy Carter"

Avengers 2, 4 & CA


Natalie Portman

"Jane Foster"

Thor 1, 2 & 4


Zachary Levi


Thor 2 & 3


Rachel McAdams

"Dr. Christine Palmer"

Doctor Strange 1 & 2


Supporting Cast

Jenna Colman


CA: The First Avenger


Neal McDonough

"Timothy Dugan"

CA: The First Avenger


Natalie Dormer

"Pvt. Lorraine"

CA: The First Avenger


Richard Armitage

"Heinz Kruger"

CA: The First Avenger


Amanda Righetti

"S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent"

CA: The First Avenger


David Bradley

"Tower Keeper"

CA: The First Avenger


Josh Dallas




Rebecca Mader

"Sweat Shop Agent"

Iron Man 3


Michael Rosenbaum


GotG Vol. 2